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How do you feel about running your own business? In fact…how do you feel about taking over an established, successful and solid book of business that provides you an amazing £100k annual income from day 1? (This is the starting point by the way…). You grow the business...your income grows too. Market leading products. Strong customer base. No inward investment. Superb brand. Amazing culture. Doing the right thing by your customers. Longterm approach. Supporting your local community (genuine this - you will actually become a senior local legend representing the views of your members). Sounds bogus doesn’t it? Must admit…as a sceptical recruiter that was my take too… the reality is very different… That being said. It isn’t an easy road. Only the best will be successful. You will need to be entrepreneurial, have a flair for sales…but the ethical approach to sell to your customers needs. You will be driving and developing your sales team - helping them satisfy the needs of existing customers, protecting their financial futures and looking beyond and attracting new clients (business and personal). Our client are a business with a longterm view (they are not restricted by the typical shareholder led short term, quick-win mentality of a listed firm)…a powerhouse...without the arrogance. …do right by your customers, provide them with market leading products, introduce them to specialists to take care of the stuff you are not an expert in, provide an exceptional service throughout…it is simple…it works…be decent. But still have the confidence to ask those challenging questions... …how many companies do you know with a 90+% retention rate of annual sales across all product lines? Especially now in the compare-the-moneysuper-hyper-uber-donkey-market world that we live in. Do a great job. Support your local community. Drive and develop your staff. Make a difference and ultimately reap what you sow. Requirements: * Strong entrepreneurial flair (you set the path…you don’t follow it…within reason of course…compliance / ethical values are also key) * Strong leadership experience (inspiring a team of 8-20 people). * Strong sales experience / understanding of sales / business growth (“hands on” or strategic / both) * Either solid agricultural/farming or financial services background (GI preferable if FS) Apply to register your interest….happy to give you more detail over the phone. Not your cup of tea?…but possibly ace for someone you know (colleague? Friend? Neighbour? That random person you met but don’t still to this day don’t know why you exchanged mobile numbers with??)... Please feel free to REGISTER @ty4s and share the job with them via text, email, WhatsApp, Facebook…anywhere really. Anyone who clicks on your unique link and applies could earn you up to £2000. Not bad for a few minutes thumb scrolling?! You might even "win off the rebound"…we track referral chains however long they stretch and reward the key bods within. Thank you 4 sharing
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££80000 - £100000/ann
York, City of York, United Kingdom